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Tabac Original

Tradition is the word that comes to mind when thinking of Maurer & Wirtz. The company started out as a soap outfit by Michael Maurer and stepson Andreas Wirtz in 1854 in Stolberg, Germany. The brand has remained in family hands for five generations. The design house specializes in body soap products and fragrances for men and women.

Tabac for men was a breakout hit for the company in 1955, and became the most coveted perfume in Germany. The fragrance includes core elements, such as lavender, chamomile, geranium, amber and musk. Different versions of Tabac debuted over time. The GranValor Tabac is meant to cater to men who embody dignity and refinement.

Nonchalance for women from 1960 is particularly noteworthy, since it also spawned different variations that include Nonchalance Feu Bleu in 1990, Jolie de Nonchalance in 1993 and Mustang Man and Mustang Woman in 2006.

A novelty perfume for women was showcased by designer Betty Barclay under the Maurer & Wirtz banner.

Barclay and others came to introduce perfume lines in conjunction with the company. Carlos Colucci, Otto Kern and TNT are other notable houses that have introduced fragrances with Maurer & Wirtz. The company was centered around the European market throughout the 1990s, but has since marketed products to an international audience. As of 2014, the core markets of the brand continue to be Germany, Switzerland and Austria.